Project Description

3D Demolition was appointment by Queensland Health to manage the demolition and remediation of dental health buildings in Aspley, Virginia and Sandgate state schools. These old school buildings were in disrepair and contained Asbestos Containing Material (ACM), creating an ongoing maintenance and security problem for the department and Education Queensland.

Our team provided a comprehensive service to meet the project scope, including:

Throughout the project, we employed systematic and stringent work practices to maintain a safe environment in the worksite and surrounds. The completion of this project allowed the school students and community to safely and comfortably use the educational facilities.

Project Details
Client Name:Queensland Health
Project Type:Asbestos Removal
Project Start:1st May 2017
Project End:10th May 2017
  • West Village Project - Commercial Demolition
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  • West Village Project - Commercial Demolition - 3D Demolition

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