Project Description

This project involved demolishing a Brisbane double-storey residential house and property, including a tennis court, large pool area and gardens.

The first stage of the house demolition project involved safely removing and disposing of all asbestos from the building. Our fully-trained and qualified team carefully removed and secured the asbestos material before transporting it to an approved dumping site. For the mechanical demolition, we used our own 20-tonne and 30-tonne excavators to efficiently bring down structures and excavate the site for future development.

A key focus of this project was to recycle as much building material from the structure as possible. Our team successfully salvaged windows and doors and recycled all concrete and brick on site to reduce landfill.

Project Details
Client Name:Private
Project Type:House Demolition
Project Start:30th May 2017
Project End:10th Jun 2017
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  • Sunnybank QLD Residential Demolition Project - 3D Demolition
  • Residential Demolition Project - 3D Demolition

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