Project Description

This project involved the demolition and remediation of the old Nambour Sewage Treatment Plant on the Sunshine Coast. The brief included removing old inlet works, primary and secondary clarifiers, redundant plant and equipment, a 25 metre-high lime silo and lime-dosing tanks.

This challenging project required our team to demolish around active plant, taking extreme care not to disrupt operations.

Our team used a combination of hand and mechanical demolition techniques, bringing in 3D Demolition’s 20-tonne and 30-tonne excavators to efficiently remove above and below ground infrastructure. In the second phase of this project, we remediated the in situ soil to allow safe redevelopment of the new treatment plant.

To reduce overall costs, a strong focus was placed on the beneficial reuse and recycling of materials on site. Over 95% of demolition waste, including brick, concrete, timber and scrap metal, was recycled from the site.

3D Demolition was proud to be part of a project that resulted in significant community service and environmental benefits to the area.

Project Details
Client Name:Unity Water
Project Type:Industrial Project
Project Start:3rd Nov 2014
Project End:18th Jan 2015
  • Cleaning Up - Industrial Demolition Project
  • Nambour, QLD Industrial Demolition - 3D Demolition
  • Nambour, QLD Industrial Demolition - 3D Demolition

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